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Height of a statue.

The length of a statues right arm is 57 feet. The students right arm is 2 feet long and her height is 5 1/3 feet. Use this to find the height of the statue. How close is the approximate height to the statues actual height of 151 feet, 9 inches from heel to top of the head?
Approx height of statue?
what is the difference between the approx height and the actual height?

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This problem implies that the ratio of the height and the right arm length is the same for both the statue and the student.
Let h be the approximated height of the statue, then
h/57 = (5 1/3)/2
        = 16/6 = 8/3
h = 152 ft
The difference between the approx height and the actual height is
Δh = 152 - 151¾ = ¼ ft or 3 in.