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How do you factor 4x+2y-18Z

How do you factor 4x+2y-18Z

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Kevin S. |
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Since the only thing common is the coefficients, it looks like you can factor a 2 out of each:

2 (2x + y -9z). 


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Hi, Kristine.

This polynomial has a GCF (Greatest Common Factor) of 2.  The only thing you can do with this one is to rewrite it with a 2 in front of a grouping like this:

2(                       )

And then get the numbers inside the grouping by dividing each term of the original expression by the GCF (polynomial terms ÷ GCF)...

4x   + 2y   - 18z
 2       2        2     

2(2x  +  y  -  9z)

... and that's it!