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rounding to the nearest thousand

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3 Answers

Here's a handy process you can use to be sure you are rounding correctly.

Whatever number you have, underline the place value that you need to round to:


Everything to the right of that number will turn into 0's. The trick is:

Will you bump up the 4 or just dump the rest of the numbers and leave the 4?

You check it by what is immediately to the right, which in this case is 0. IF the number to the right is 5 or higher, bump up the underlined 4 and change the places to the right to 0's. IF the number to the right is less than 5, leave the 4 as it is and "dump" the other numbers, changing them to 0's.

I like to play "Bump or Dump," but actually you are determining if the number is closer to 1,354,000 ir 1,355,000 for estimating purposes. In some cases there would be no need to worry about 29 things when you are only concerned with thousands.

answer will be 1354000. When we round 029 to nearest thousand that will be 0. Then there is 1354000 in addition to that so the answer will be 1354000 + 0 = 1354000
1,354,000. The 9 is the ones place, 2 is in tens, 0 hundreds, and 4 thousands. Because the number following the thousands place is less than 5 (0), round down.