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what is the answer for this 36y4-25y2 ?

algebra 1 & it's hard for me so I am seeking the answer. please help!


I need more explanation of what you are doing with the expression.  For example, does this equal something or does it need factored? 

Are you supposed to factor it?

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2 Answers

You need to factor this. First factor out a y2.


36y2=  (6y)2

25 = 52

The factorization of a2-b2 is always (a-b)(a+b). This is called the difference of two squares.


So by the difference of two squares the factorization is y2(6y-5)(6y+5).

If by chance this is 36y4-25y2=0, then we'd need to take it one step further. With our factorization we set y2=0 to get y=0,  6y-5 =0 gives y = 5/6, and 6y+5 =0 gives y = -5/6.


Hope this helps!



You're very welcome. Glad I could help.

this expression would be y2 (36y2- 25) = y2 (6y+5)(6y-5), now it s up to you, what you are going to do with that.