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Expression: log216
A) -6
B) 2
C) 3
D) 36

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Arturo O. | Experienced Physics Teacher for Physics TutoringExperienced Physics Teacher for Physics ...
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x = log6216 ⇒
6x = 216
Take log of both sides, at any base.
x log6 = log216
x = log216 / log6 = 3
Answer (C) is correct.
Arthur D. | Effective Mathematics TutorEffective Mathematics Tutor
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Certainly a simpler way to solve, if you realize up front that 216 is a perfect cube!
Hi Arturo, that's the first thing I do-look at the number and see what kind of number it is, a square, a cube, etc in terms of the base if given. Sometimes, like you say, it simplifies things. Actually, when you wrote 6x=216, this is another way to solve the problem: 6x=63, so x=3, just as simple.