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which phosphate containing molecules are utilize in glycolysis

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Naina B. | Naina, a versatile tutorNaina, a versatile tutor
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Glycolysis is the anaerobic catabolism of glucose in absence of oxygen.  It converts one molecule of glucose into two molecules of pyruvic acid and that generates two molecules of ATP (phosphate containing molecule) through substrate phosphorylation by pyruvate kinase and PGK, another kinase molecule.
In presence of Oxygen, glycolysis is the fist step of cellular respiration.
Glycolysis occurs in a series of 10 steps and ATP is utilized during the process.
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Kathleen C. | Lively Science TutorLively Science Tutor
Glycolysis requires 2 ATP molecules to occur.  (This is the phosphate-containing molecule).  The total number of ATP produced by glycolysis is 4 ATP, resulting in a net gain of 2 ATP from this reaction.