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what is the gcf in x3y2+x2y2+x2y

Algebra 1 i need help i dont know how to get the gcf of that x3y+ x2y2 + x2y ? 

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( X³ Y²)+ ( X²  Y² ) + X² Y =  ( X . X . X  x    Y . Y  ) + ( X . X    x  Y . Y ) +  ( X . X   x   Y  ) =  X² Y  x ( XY+Y+1)

The answer  is  : Pullout the GCF and open parenthesis and divide each term by GCF  :  X² Y  x ( XY+Y+1), I hope that's help.

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(x^3y^2) + (x^2y^2) + (x^2y)
You can rewrite the expression to look like this:
(x*x*x * y*y) + (x*x * y*y) + (x*x * y)
You then ask, "What is the greatest number of x's that I can pull from each term?"
Each term has at least one x. If you look closer, you will see that x*x, or x^2 is common in each term, and it is the greatest number of x's that you have in each term. This is part of your GCF. Now you ask the same question for the y's. The GCF for y's is only one, since that is the greatest number of y's each term has in common. Combine them, and you have your GCF.
I hope this helped!
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GCF of 2 or more term is the product of the common factors with lowest exponents:
  X^3 Y^2 + X^2 Y^2 + X^2 Y  (1)
 X^2 Y  is the GCF of the terms of the above expression:
  To Factor the above expression:
    X^2 Y ( XY + Y + 1)   (2)    / Pullout the GCF and open parenthesis and divide each term by GCF
   Factoring is opposite of distributive law:
   Multiplying the expression (2) by use of distributive law , will result in expression (1)