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Goran works as a tutor for $13 an hour and as a waiter for $11 an hour. This month, he worked a combined total of 98 hours at his two jobs. Let t be the number of hours Goran worked as a tutor this month. Write an expression for the combined total dollar amount he earned this month.
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2 Answers

Let t = the time Goran worked as a tutor this month.  Since Goran worked a total of 98 hours, the time he worked as a waiter is 98-t.
The amount Goran earned as a tutor is (t hours)*($13 per hour)
The amount Goran earned as a waiter is (98-t hours)*($11 per hour)
The total amount Goran earned, then, is:
Total = (t hours)*($13 per hour) + (98-t hours)*($11 per hour)
You can combine terms and simplify if you want:
Total = 13t + 1078 -11t = 2t + 1078
t = hour worked as tutor
98 - t = hours worked as a waiter
11(t) + 13(98-t) = total earnings