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These are three tough Algebra questions that either need to be simplified or solved. Answer as many as you can and I will be sosososososo happy. Thank you.

   1. √x(√9-4/3)=√25
   2. (4-3*√2)2
   3. √135b^2c^3d*√5b^2d
        The sqrt symbol in problem 3 is over 135b^2c^3d and 5b^2d

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For the first one, is the square root just over the 9 or is it over the 4/3 too?
For the second one, you can just treat this like any squaring of a binomial. You would use FOIL. So you should have (4 - 3√2)*(4 - 3√2) and then you just distribute through to find the answer. Use First (4*4), Outside (4*-3√2), Inside (-3√2 * 4) and last (-3√2*-3√2). You then add these together for the final answer.
For the last one, it isn't clear what your powers are, can you rewrite them please?


Thank you so much for taking the time to try to answer these questions for me. I am sorry that my problems were not written clearly. 
For the first problem the sqrt symbol is just over the 9.
For the last one I will attempt to rewrite it in a more clear manner.
As mentioned before, the sqrt symbols are over 135b2c3and 5b2d
I apologize for the confusion and thank you in advance for your patience and help.