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national our is the bird peacock

plz rearrange the sentences and give subject and predicate for the same
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3 Answers

Our national bird is the peacock.
The subject, the performer of the action of the sentence, is "Our national bird".  The simple subject, the single essential word (pronoun or noun) on which the subject hinges is "bird".  Both "Our" and "national" describe "bird".
The predicate, simply speaking, is the rest of the sentence.  It's the action of the sentence and any descriptors, which includes (for example) the recipient of the action, or what we call the direct object.  Here, the predicate is "is the peacock".  The simple predicate is just the main verb of the sentence, or "is".
The peacock is our national bird.
peacock is subject
is= predicate
Our national bird is the peacock.