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write an equation in slope-intercept form, for the line that passes through (-6,-4) with a slope of (5),

this is also one of my math homework probems pleasee help!!

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Data: (x,y) = (-6,-4), then x = -6, y = -4; m = 5 (slope)

the General line equation is: y = mx + b, where m=slope, and b = y intersept or the point of the line where x=0, and y cut the y axis


y=mx+b, from data we know x,y and m values, sustituing those

-4=5*-6+b, the b value will be

-4=-30+b ==>b=30-4 ==> b=26



from this data I can write a general line equation for a family of lines that passing at (0,26) point and slope 5 :

y=5x+26, for all x and y

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Same thing here only this time you will have a b value. Remember our formula is y = mx + b. First step is to place the slope into your formula. y = 5x + b. Now we have to figure out what the value of b is. Since the x value given is not 0, it requires a little more work to figure out. Simply plug in your (x, y) values into the equation and solve for b.

     -4 = 5(-6) + b

     -4 = -30 + b

     b = 26

Now just plug 26 back into your partial equation and you get an answer of:

     y = 5x + 26