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What is the correct answer to the problem 6-2x/x-3?

I need the correct answer to this problem and an explanation on how to work these type of questions. please help.

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Shafayat A. | Math Tutor. Algebra, Calculus Expert. Math Tutor. Algebra, Calculus Expert.
= -2x+6/x-3
= -2(x-3)/(x-3)
= -2*1 since (x-3) cancels each other
= -2 (Answer)
Laura W. | Laura W. Autism/Aspergers SpecialistLaura W. Autism/Aspergers Specialist
6-2x/x-3                    . The 6-2x can be changed to 2*(3-x) by factoring out the 2
(2*(3-x))/(x-3) =        . Then you can factor out a -1 so that you have -2*(x-3)
((-2)*(x-3))/(x-3) =
-2*((x-3)/(x-3)) =       . The (x-3)'s cancel each other out and you are left with x=-2
-2*1 = -2