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I need the solution for a problem but the calculator will not let me enter could you help me it is a fraction -4/7 * (-3/4)

I have just begin college after 25yrs out of school. I am having to learn everything all over and I feel like an idiot could you please help me. the problem again is - 4/7*(- 3/4) I have the answer by using a calculator it is 3/7 but I would really like to understand how the answer was gotten.

Thank you


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so you have -4/7 * -3/4...what you should do is multiply all the numerators over all the dominators...

so on top:  (-4 * -3)

on bottom (7*4)


What you can see too is that the 4s will cancel out, since there is a 4 in the numerator and a 4 in denominator.

so after canceling the have (-1*-3) / 7....this simplifies to 3/7.

hope that helps.