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factor x^2+2x+48

I need help with factoring this expression.


The equation does not factor as written.  In fact, the roots are complex numbers.  Are you sure it's not -2x vice +2x or -48 vice +48?
Hi Phillip, the question just says to factor the expression, and some examples of the answers are (x+1)(x+48),(x+8)^2,(x+8)(x+16), or prime polynomial.
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2 Answers

x2 + 2x + 48
As written, the equation does not factor. In fact, using the quadratic formula, it has complex roots:
x = -1 ± i√47
If the equation is really x2 - 2x - 48, the factors are (x+6)(x-8)
If it's really x2 + 2x - 48, the factors are (x-6)(x+8)