Carmelita M.

asked • 12/31/12

What is the answer to 6/2(1+2)? My answer was 1 but many others say the answer is 9. Which is it?

What is the answer to 6/2(1+2)? My answer was 1 but many others say the answer is 9. Which is it?

I thought it would be:






The statement 6/2(1+2) is ambiguous.  It is not clear if the (1+2) is part of the numerator or the denominator and this leads to the confusion.  This can be common when strings are written on the PC because entering all the parentheses or positioning the numerator and denominator above and below is somewhat inconvenient.  It just requires the writer to be fastidious about how the string is typed out so that it presents the intended information.

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Tim E.

I disagree, this statement is absolutely not ambiguous. Because it is written linearly (in one line), you have to follow the order of operations, from left to right.

You'll have to solve the 1+2 first. That gives you 6 / 2 * 3.

Then from left to right. 6 / 2 = 3.

3 * 3 = 9.

Bruce would be right if there were parenthesis around the 6/2, however there are not, so the order of operations is very clearly defined.



Qusay A.

If we want to represent this equation by real ... Let's assume that there is a factory produces some pieces ... his client's request to receive two 2 pieces every 6 minutes .. then asked to add one piece (1 +2) ... after a period of time and then told him to double as requested by 2  (1 + 2)  over the same period of 6 minutes ... manufacturer wanted mathematical knowledge process requires factory production of pieces per minute >>>Division 6 minutes to the requirements of the customer of pieces after the last amendment 2 (1 +2), becoming a equation 6/2 (1 + 2)resulting really 6/6 = 1 and Huo is realistic no doubt done to achieve the customer's requirements one piece per minute ... Greetings


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Kevin C.

Robert, parentheses are still first, then multiplication or division, whichever comes first.  In this problem 6/2(1+2), we add 1+2, getting 3, 6/2=3, then we have 3*3=9.



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