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what is commutative property


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2 Answers

The commutative property means that when you chance the order of an operation, it does not change the result.

an example of an operation that is commutative is addition: a+b=b+a (or in terms of actual numbers, 1+2=3=2+1

multiplication is also commutative: a x b=b x a (or in real numbers, 2 x 3=3 x 2=6)

there are also some operations that are not commutative, for example division: (10/2 does not equal 2/10, for example) or subtraction (6-5 does not equal 5-6)

The communitive property is when order doesn't matter, specifically in addition and multiplication.

For example, 4*5=5*4 and 4+5=5+4

This does not work with subtraction or division. Order matters there.