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math question week 8

select from the four operations which would be considered the easiest operation and which would be the most difficult. Provide an explanation for each one for full credit.

The 4 operations on functions include:

1) Composite & Inverse –
2) Logarithmic -
3) Sequences –
a. Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences –
4) Series –

part 2 What is the relationship between exponents and logarithms? How would you distinguish between the two, using both a graph and a sequence?
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1 Answer

 Part 1. Question is not clear.
Logarithm and Exponents are inverse of each other.
   Exponents are repeated multiplication.
   P=  X ^n = X . X . X . X . X.
     x - quantity that is going to be multiplied by itself, is called base, n is number that a quantity is being multiplied is called Exponents.
    Logarithms are opposite :   Log n P = X   means  P = n X
   In exponential functions variable is the base
   In Logarithm functions  Variable is the Exponent.


I think the first question is pretty clear.  It's just that no one can tell Crystal which one she finds the easiest or the most difficult.  That's something she has to answer for herself.