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What's 77/8 simplified

How to simplify I need help simplifying mixed numbers fractions so on

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Car - 
Hmm... we can't simplify this fraction at all, because there are no common factors to 77 and 8. However, we can turn this improper fraction into a mixed number. 
When I think of my 8s times tables, I know that 72 is 8*9, so there are 9 complete groups of in 77/8. I now know that the whole number in my mixed number is 9. 
9 ?/8
I still have to figure out what my numerator is going to be! Because I took a total of 72 parts (see how the 72 parts became a whole 9?) out of the 77, I subtract 72 from 77 to get 5. This is my new numerator!
9 5/8
It's not really simplifying, but putting improper fractions into mixed numbers can make them easier to understand!
I hope this was helpful, Car!