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is this correct? Im confused about comma placement.

I do not want to be around drama, conflict or stress.  Or, is it   I do not want to be around, drama, conflict, or stress.  


In the SECOND choice that you offer, there should not be a comma immediately after the word around.
This does not affect the answers given by other tutors...I think that they did not observe the particular error that I noted.
Yep ... I missed it.
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3 Answers

You got it right the first time. Your instincts were correct. Because "around drama" is an action to a noun, you want it to flow, so there is no need to break it up until you multiple nouns related to the verb, as you do with: drama, conflict and stress.
Depending on the style guide you use, either can be correct.  Your second sentence uses the Oxford comma, which comes after the next-to-last item in a list.  Sometimes the comma reduces ambiguity, as in the now famous example...
I would like to thank my parents, Ayn Rand and God.

Unless this person's parents are Ayn Rand and God, it would be a good idea to use the comma.  Your sentence does not have the same potential for ambiguity, so I suggest following whatever style guide is appropriate.
Correct statement:
I do not want to be around drama, conflict, nor stress.
Use "or" for positivity.
Use "nor" for negativity.