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What is the volume of the box in cubic in?

a rectangular box of cookies is eleven inches long, four inches wide, fourteen inches high, and holds thirty three ounces of cookies. What is the volume of the box in cubic incehs?

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The amount of cookies the box holds is information you don't need to answer the question. You just need to know the length, width, and height of the box - which you will multiply together to get the answer. inches x inches x inches = cubic inches, so as long as your measurements are all in inches, the product of the multiplication will be in cubic inches as well!

(If you were only multiplying TWO measurements - for instance, to find the AREA of a rectangle - you'd be multiplying inches x inches, giving you SQUARE inches.)

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This is a common trick, where the question gives you several pieces of information that you need, along with a piece of information you do not need, to throw you off track. Being able to identify the pieces of important information is the first step. Since the question is asking for cubic inches, you only need the pieces of information that are in inches. The total onces of the cookies is an attempt to confuse you. The word cubic means x to the third power, or x times x times x, where x equals the length, width and height in inches. So x inches long, times x inches wide, time x inches high, equals total cubic inches. Please let me know if you need any additional help. Bob Brendel