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(4x to the -4th power times y to the 7th power) to the 2nd power over 24x to the power of -6 times y to the power of 2

What is the easiest way to do this?when you change it to the reciprocal, do the positives become negatives? 

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1 Answer

Im assuming it looks like this:

(4x-4y7)2 / 24x-6y2

Here's my preferred method.

1) Distribute the square on the numerator


2) Subtract bottom exponents from top exponents, of similar base.

16/24 = 2/3

x-8/x-6 = x-8-(-6)=x-2

y14/y2 = y14-2 = y12

Now we have this.


Move negative powers down to the numerator.