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write the fraction in simplest form 36\48

write the fraction in simplest form 36\48
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3 Answers

Hi Jessica;
The procedure for simplifying fractions is as follows:
Write each term of the fraction as a product of prime factors; in other words write the prime factorization of both terms. Now cross out, circle, or eliminate all common prime factors in the numerator and the denominator. The factors that are left make up the answer to the problem.
36     2x2x3x3           2x2x3x3         3
--- = -------------- =  -----------  =  ---
48     2X2X2X2X3      2x2x3x2x2      4
Here's another example:  120/210=(2x2x2x3x5)/(2x3x5x7)=(2X3X5x2x2)/(2x3x5x7)=(2x2)/7=4/7
When you write the prime factorizations, make a factor tree or use upside-down division.
Hi Jessica,
The simplest form of 36/48=3/4
Hi Jessica;
Both these numbers are divisible by 12...