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what is a easy way to learn your time tables

i need to learn my time tables

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I don't know about easy, but I know what worked for me when I learned my times tables.

Worry about one table at a time (2's table, 3's table...)

Write out each number and its multiple 5 times while saying them aloud (2 X 1 = 2, 2 X 1 = 2...2 X 12 = 24)

After you have written them out, have someone quiz you orally by changing up the order of the problems (2 X 6, 2 X 3, 2 X 11...)

Once you are confident in one table, start the next.

Flashcards can also be helpful for practicing once you have done the tables individually



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Both Elizabeth and John had wonderful answers but here is a trick that might help. In reality there are only 9 facts you have to learn.  They are 7 *8, 7*9, 7*12, 8*9, 8*12, 11*11, 11*12, 12*12.

How that is possible is because:

You know that anything times 0 equals 0.

You know that anything times 1 equals that number - 1*1 = 1, 1*2 = 2, etc.

You know that anything times 2 equals double that number - 2*1= 2, 2*2=4, etc.

If you know that 2 times a number is double that number then you know that 4 times any number is double 2 times that number - 2*2=4 so 4*2=8 or 4 doubled.

You know that to find 5 times any number you count by 5s - 5, 10, 15, 20, etc.

You know that 10 times any number is that number with a zero added to it - 1*10=10 or 1 with a zero, 2*10=20 or 2 with a zero, etc.

You know that to get 3 times any number you count by 3s - 3, 6, 9, 12, etc.

If you know what 3 times a number is you double that number for 6 times that number - 3*2=6 so 6*2=12 or 6 doubled.

You know that 11 times a number is double the number (until you get to 11*11 and 11*12) - 11*2=22, 11*3=33, etc.

So that leaves the nine facts I listed above that need to be learned. Also, the commutative property of mathematics gives you the rest of the facts - 2*3=6 so 3*2=6, 4*5=20 so 5*4=20.

It sounds confusing but really isn't. To make it easier to understand, make yourself a multiplication chart for the facts 0 to 12 and color code each step above. It should help you understand a little better. I tried to put my color coded chart in this answer but it would let me. I will make a blog post on my page about this trick. Hope it helps you. Multiplication facts really aren't that difficult when you break them down.


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Hi Ashly,

Another way that is hands-on learning without having to memorize is to use blocks, beans, or something you can count. Once your mind, hands, and eyes understand the concept it will be easier for you to recall. You can use the blocks with some play-doh as well, and 'stamp' each number in. For example, for the problem 2 x 3, you would do this:

Put 2 blocks together (a group of 2) and stamp them in your play-doh 3 times. Count the blocks stamped in the play-doh, and that will be your answer. Pretty cool, huh?!

Ask a friend or parent to help you if you're not sure. Most importantly, have fun! :0)