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What is the cofficents in the expression 3x-4y+2

I'm not sure what coefficients mean I tried looking it up but the description for it was very confusing to me.


You have received three excellent answers by three different tutors.
As to your question, I must ask if your teacher failed to teach this concept!  (That would astound me.)
Also, a person can use a Dictionary--do you have one?  Or a person can Google the word.

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Mohammed R. | Specialist in GED and College Prep MathSpecialist in GED and College Prep Math
Coefficient is a number used to multiply a variable. for example 6z means 6 times z, and "z" is a variable, so 6 is a coefficient. Variables with no number have a coefficient of 1. Suppose if you see only x, it's actually 1x. Sometimes a letter stands in for the number. For example: In ax2 + bx + c, "x" is a variable, and "a" and "b" are coefficients.
       In the expression 3x-4y+2, we see three terms 3x, -4y, 2
       Terms are composed of coefficient and a variable
       In 3x, 3 is the coefficient and x is the variable
       In -4y, -4 is the coefficent and y is the variable
       In 2, there's no variable, so it is a special term called a constant.
Coefficient can be whole number, positive or negative, fraction, decimal etc.
Kendra F. | Patient & Knowledgeable Math & Science TutorPatient & Knowledgeable Math & Science T...
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Coefficients are the numbers that are multiplied by the variables (x, y, z etc.)
 3 is the coefficient of x
-4 is the coefficient of y
Michael A. | Patient Math Tutor-Algebra thru Calculus/ASVAB-AFOQT-TEAS-ACT-SAT-SOLPatient Math Tutor-Algebra thru Calculus...
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Simply put, the coefficients are the numbers in front of the variables. In this problem, we have two variables, or unknown quantities. They are x and y. The coefficients of these two variables are 3 and 4, respectively. The number 2 is the constant term in this expression.