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is it y<12 this is the problem -1/4-5>-8

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Hi Gabby;
I assume we are solving for y...
Let's add 5 to both sides...
Let's multiply both sides by -4.  Because this is a negative number, > must switch to <.
You are correct.
I do not know if you understand the difference between < and >,  In the sixth grade, the way we remembered this is, The alligator is going to eat the bigger one.  Of course, in the face of negativity, the alligator changed direction.
The range of y is all values less than 12.


thanks also i need help with some consecutive integers if u can give me some problems to work on and you can check them if u want

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-1/4y - 5 > -8             Add 5 to both sides
       +5    +5
-1/4y > -3                  Multiply by -4, which flips our inequality
x -4      x -4
y < 12                        Our solution!
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Correct.  I always tell my students the inequality < or > points to the smaller number.  They seem to remember that easier.


Hi Gary;
If you were an alligator, which would you eat?  The smaller one or the bigger one?