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Simplify this rational expression

Simply the following rational equation
(x-5/x2-25) - (3/x+5)= A/B
where A and B are polynomials of degree as low as possible and the leading coefficient of B is 1.
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1 Answer

Hi Dalia;
(x-5/x2-25) - (3/x+5)= A/B
I think this is...
In the first bracketed equation, the (x-5) in the numerator and denominator cancel...
Let's combine numerators...
For B to be a polynomial with a leading coefficient of 1, then in such equation, the vertex is...
The easiest resolution for this is...
-b=4, b=-4
2a=4, a=2
2x2-10x-70.......This is the B equation.
Let's multiply the top and bottom of the left side by (2x-14)
-4x+28.........This is the A equation.