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Please answer -m-3+m+5 distributive property

Ive tried everything but i just cant do it

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Hi Serge;
This can also be written as...
The first parenthetical equation has a coefficient of -1.  In the equation you provided, it is distributed.
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Well, I would be happy to answer -- but your problem doesn't make any sense
If you are wanting to use distributive property, there are typically parenthesis in the problem
For example, if your problem looks like
(m - 3)(m + 5)
Then you distribute every member of the 1st to every member of the 2nd
(m x m) + (m x 5) + (-3 x m) + (-3 x 5)
m^2 + 5m - 3m - 15
Combine like terms (5m and 3m)
m^2 + 2m - 15 would be the ANSWER
so if you post the exact problem, I would be happy to help ...