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Kraft makes different types of sliced cheese. According to Calorie Count, the reduced calorie singles have 45 calories. This is 36% fewer calories than the regular American Singles. How many calories do the regular American Singles have?

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According to the wording of the problem...
If 45 calories is 36% fewer than regular American Singles, this means 36% less calories than regular American Singles.
This means 45 calories is 64% of the number of calories of regular American Singles.
Therefore the equation is 45=64% of what number ?
45=0.64*C, where C=# of calories of regular American Singles.
C=70.3125 calories in regular American Singles
36% of 70.3125=25.3125
If the wording was 45 is 36% of the number of calories
in regular American Singles, then the equation would be 45=0.36*C, 45/0.36=C, and C=125.
Again, the wording is 36% fewer calories so the number of calories, 45, is only 64% of the number of calories in regular American Singles !
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Hi Minhee;
36% fewer calories means 100%-36%=64%.  The claim is that Kraft's reduced calorie singles, consisting of 45 calories, is 64% of American Singles, 36% fewer calories.
Let's divide both sides by 0.64...
x=70, in round figures
Let's check our work...
25 is also a round figure.


Sorry MinHee,
The x is for the quantity of calories of American Singles.