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What is 9% of22?

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6 Answers

Remember that percentages are decimals. 9% is the same as 0.09 (9/100)
To find a percentage of a number, just multiply the number by that decimal.
In this case: 22 * 0.09
Remember the word percent means out of a hundred, therefore 9 % can be written as 9 out of an hundred.(9/100).
9/100 of 22 = 9/100 x22.  As a decimal 9/100 is 0.09 therefore the problem now is 0.09x22=1.98
Hi Cathy!
In your problem there are 2 things to consider.  The "all" - which in your case is 22.  And the "percent of all" - which in your case is 9.  
You could think of this as a fraction: 9/22.
So how do you figure out what 9% of 22 is?  First, convert 9% into a number.  to do that, you move the decimal place back (to the left).  So 9% becomes .09.  Then multiply this by 22.  .09x22= 1.98.
You can check this by estimating.  9% is tough to work with.  10% is easier.  22 is tough to work with, 20 is easier.  So 10% of 20 is 2.  Since 9 is smaller than 10, you know the answer has to be less than 2!
Let me know if you have any more questions or need clarification!