George H.

asked • 01/16/14

Whats up with spacing of x^2, 0.5x^2, and 2x^2!?

So, I was playing with an online graphing calculator and I plugged in 0.5xxand 2xand when I went up to higher numbers, such as x=10, I noticed they were unevenly spaced. This puzzles me because 0.5xand 2xSHOULD be equally spaced from xbecause they are both off by a factor of 2, but 0.5xis farther away from xthan 2xis. :O

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Bruce B. answered • 01/16/14

Mathematics and Physics; Calculus and Mechanics Specialty

George H.

thanks! This really helped :)


Dennis R. answered • 01/16/14

Math Tutor, Grades 4 - 12, Math Certified, 47 Yrs experience

George H.

Thanks! :)


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