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In which direction will this parabola open? x= 3(y-5)^2-7

i dont understand which way it would open! /;

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General rule:

y = a(x-h)2+k opens up for a > 0, and down for a < 0.

x = a(y-k)2+h opens right for a > 0, and left for a < 0.

Using this rule, your equation opens right.

Jack M. | Keys to Chemistry, Calculus, Literature and MoreKeys to Chemistry, Calculus, Literature...
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This is a parabola of the form x = Ay2, where A is any real number except 0. If A is positive (3 in this case), the parabola opens to the right. If it is negative, it opens to the left. 

This one opens to the right.

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It opens to the right because as y approaches +/- infinity, x approaches +infinity.