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As a salesperson,Jonathan is paid $50 per week plus 3% to the total amount he sells. This week,he wants  to earn at least $100. Write an inequality with integer coefficients for the total sales needed and describe what the solution represents.
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2 Answers

Hi Jessica;
The figure of $100 is equal to or less than the sales statistics Jonathan is aspiring to.  This prospective figure has two components: $50 fixed weekly amount as well as 3% (0.03) of total sales.
I removed the update.


Because the problem wants "integer coefficients" I think the inequality would be:
$5000 ≤ 3x
Good Point!  Thank you!
    E = 50 + 0.03 S          / Equation of weekly earning
    100 = 50 + 0.03S
       50 = 0.03 S
        S = 50    = 1666 67     / Total Sales

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