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what is 2(x+3)+4(x+4)

what is it simplified

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   2(x+3) -> 2x + 6
+ 4(x+4) -> 4x + 16
                  6x + 22
You first expand the expression and then combine the like terms. Here the expanding I'm talking about is the 2(x+3) -> 2x + 5 and so on, and the like terms as those with an x and those without an x (or constants).
Hope this explains everything :D
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You can also use the distributive property like this:
2(x + 3) + 4(x + 4)
2x + 6 + 4x + 16
6x + 22
Make sure you multiply every term in the parentheses when using the distributive property. Also, make sure you only add like terms (terms with the same variable with the same exponent,  or constants, which are numbers with no variable).
Good luck!
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