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Is 4(2a+4)=2(3a+6) a 2 Step Equation?

My Teacher Asked Me to Do a Project. My Project is about equations obviously. I want to know if 1(2a+4)=2(3a+6) is a 2 Step Equation or a 4 Step Equation.

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1 Answer

I would consider this a 4-step equation. 4(2a+4)=2(3a+6) STEP 1: In order to simplify you will have you use the distributive property on both sides of the equal sign... 4x2a = 8a 4x4=16 2x3a= 6a 2x6=12 So, now you are left with the following equation: 8a+16=6a+12 Now you need to combine all of your like terms... STEP 2: Subtract 6a from each side in order to put all of your variables together. (8a-6a)+16=(6a-6a)+12 Now simplify... 2a+16=12 STEP 3: Now subtract 16 from each side in order to get your variable all by itself. 2a+(16-16)= 12-16 Now simplify... 2a=-4 STEP 4: In order to completely solve the problem, divide each side by 2. (2/2)a=(-4/2) a=-2 I hope this answer helps!