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what is 7/10ths of 28

the question is there are 28 boys in a marching band and they make up 7/10 of the band, what fraction are girls


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2 Answers

OK. So, 7/10 of a band is boys and there are 28 of them. you want to know what fraction the girls are? Well, the fraction of girls in the band would be 3/10. If you wanted to find the number of girls from the given information, you should do it like this:

  1. Find the total amont of band members by solving the equation .7x=28. x=40
  2. Then, subtract the number of boys from the total number of band members: 40-28=12
  3. The number of girls is 12. To double check, multiply .3 and 40 and you should get 12.

I hope this answers the question.



to solve these you multiply the top and divide the bottom

I just relalized mister martinez is correct

7/10 x=28


divide both sides by .7



so the total are 40 and 40-28=12

so 12 girls in the band.

I was focusing on the title, sorry.