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system of inequalities

Please help me somve this problem and show work.
Chloe is buying souvenirs on vacation. she wants to spend $70 at most, but only has 60 cubic inches in her suitcase.
If bracelets cost $7 and take up 3in^3 of space and t-[shirts are $5 and take up 15in^3 of space.  Write and graph a system of FOUR inequalities that model chloe's possible purchases. Let x = bracelets and y = number of t-shirts.
Use a scale of 2 ion both axes when graphing.

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To be honest I only see two inequalities in the question
7x +5y <= 70 for the cost
3x + 15y <= 60 for the volume in the suitcase
because if you really wanted to get technical then you could rewrite the top equations in terms of y
7x + 5y <= 70
3x + 15y <= 60
y<= (70-7x)/5
y<= (-3x + 60)/3
but the issue is no matter which way i write it your going to come out with 2 lines because the last two inequalities match up to the first. 
As far as a graph I cannot upload one here but you can email me through 


The other two inequalities are x>0 and y>0
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