L O.

asked • 12/27/13

how do you solve 4x - y = 5 and 4x + 4y =-4 using elimination

Please solve the linear system using elimination.
                             4x - y = 5
                             4x + 4y = -4
Please show steps.

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Vivian L. answered • 12/27/13

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Parviz F. answered • 12/27/13

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L O.

I am confused.  If  I put 3 for y then the first equation I get 2 for x.  4(2) - 3 = 5.  But when I use the same for the 2nd equation, it doesn't work.  I get a positive 4 for the answer.
-4(2) + 4(3) = 4.   Equation 2's answer is a -4.


Paul H.

Actually, this one was done in a heap of hurry. The SECOND equation should have been written as
-4x -4y = +4
Then when you add I and II together, you get -5y = 9  or y = - 9/5


Parviz F.

You have to Substitute in :4X + 4y = -4 
    To get the answer.
      The whole 2nd equation was multiplied   by -1 to subtracted from the first equation.
      You used substitution by only multiplying the first term 4X by -1. 


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