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The decimal number 4372.254257 can be written as:

The decimal number 4372.254257 can be written as:


What other form do you want?

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Since you said "Decimals":
  Because Decimal is a positional number system, you may write the digits as coefficients of decreasing powers of 10:
4*103+3*102+7*101+2*100 + 2*10-1+5*10-2+4*10-3+2*10-4+5*10-5+7*10-6
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Decimal number 4372.254257 can be written as a mixed number.
The number in front of the decimal is the whole number.
The number behind the decimal is the numerator of the fraction.
The number of digits behind the decimal determine the denominator of the fraction
4372 and 254257/1000000
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The decimal number 4372.254257 can be written in scientific notation as  4.372254257 × 10^3
The conversion rules are that the first number is between 0 and 10 and the second number is raised to the tenth power.
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You can write the decimal number as a percentage.
When you make any number into a percentage, you just move the decimal 2 places to the right.
So ...
4372.254257 would become:  437225%.
Now, because the 7th number (immediately to the right of the 5) is a 4, you would not round up the 5 to 6.  
If the seventh number had been a 5 or higher, the last number would be rounded up from 5 to 6.
Hope this helped.