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Verify the identity tanx+coty/tanxcoty = tany+cotx

This is for my trig class, and the directions say to verify the identity. Thanks for the help!
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1 Answer

 ( Tan X + COt Y)  /  Tan X COT Y =                                             =               TAN Y + COT X
 ( Tan X + Cot Y )/ (Sin X/CosX) CosY / SinY)
(Cos X Sin Y ) ( Tan X + Cot Y) =
       Cos X COSY
Sin X SinY + Cos X Cos Y  =
     sin x . cosy
    Tan Y + Cot X                     = Tan Y + Cot X 


lol.  good spot on him missing the brackets on (TanX + CotY) so important.
I think you have a typo on line 3.  Should be SinXCosY in den.
Good job tho.