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two day weekend. The base rental price was $29.95 per day plus 14 1/2 cents per mile. Mark drove 410.85 miles. How much does Mark owe?

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2 Answers

First, calculate the base rental cost for the 2 days which will be $29.95+$29.95.
Next, calculate the cost of  gas for how far Mark drove (14 1/2 cents is $0.145).  Since $0.145 is the price for each mile and Mark drove 410.85 miles, the total cost will be $0.145 x 410.85.
Lastly, once you have calculated the two totals above, add them together and you have your answer!
I hope this helps, let me know if you need further assistance.
Hi Carolyn;
[(2 days)($29.95/day)]+[($0.145/mile)(410.85 miles)]
Please note the fact that I indicated the 14 1/2 in terms of $, not cents as per your question.  Units must align.  You presented the base rental price in terms of $, therefore all other factors of money must be in this unit.
Please note the fact that the units of days and miles appear in both the numerator and denominator.  These therefore cancel...
[(2 days)($29.95/day)]+[($0.145/mile)(410.85 miles)]
The only unit remaining is $.  This is what we want.
Now that all units are aligned, let's calculate...
Please note that the latter figure is rounded to the nearest 100th.  This is to remain consistent with the first figure which is also presented to the 100th.