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Nick S.

asked • 04/24/16

Story problem

A baseball card sold for $248 in 1975 and was sold again in 1985 for $460. Assume that the growth in the value V of the collector's item was exponential.
a)Find the value k of the exponential growth rate. Assume V=248
b)Find the exponential growth function interms of t, where t is the number of years since 1975.
c) Estimate the value of the baseball card in 2012.
d)What is the doubling time for the value of the baseball card to the nearest tenth of a year?
e)Find the amount of time after which the value of the baseball card will be $3095

Nick S.

Thank you!


2 Answers By Expert Tutors


Ron G. answered • 04/24/16

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Multiple levels Math, Science, Writing

Victoria V. answered • 04/24/16

5.0 (399)

Math Teacher: 20 Yrs Teaching/Tutoring Calculus, PreCalc, Alg 2, Trig

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