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isosceles trapezoid history

Who first called it an isosceles trapezoid? Who discovered it's properties? How did they use this information?
I have a report on them right before the break. :/

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Rosemarie T. | Published Freelance Author and ScientistPublished Freelance Author and Scientist
Isosceles trapezoids are first mentioned in Euclid's 'Elements' (Book One, Definition 22).  Basically, it can be considered a "two-dimensional rectangle as seen retreating into three-dimensional space".  The information for this and many other geometric forms was used by the ancient Greeks (particularly those who were part of the Ionian School of philosophy, the precursor of modern scientific methods).  Isosceles trapezoid equations are primarily used in architecture and engineering.

If you look up the specifics of Euclid's 'Elements', information regarding philosophers of the Ionian School (including Euclid, Democritus, and others), the use of the trapezoid in art to create dimensionality, and the use of trapezoidal equations in architecture and engineering (both modernly and anciently), you should be able to get plenty of information with which to write an interesting report.