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Turtle B.

asked • 04/10/16

How do I calculate the equilibrium constant from Delta G?

Carbon disulfide is a foul-smelling solvent that dissolves sulfur and other nonpolar substances. It can be made be made by heating sulfur in an atmosphere of methane.

For the reaction below, Delta H=760.4kJ/mole of S8 and Delta S=1219.1 J/(K*mole of S8).

Calculate the equilibrium constant at 210C and at 440C.

4CH4(g) + S8(s) <-> 4CS2(g) + 8H2(g)

For the reaction of CH4 with S8 to form CS2 and H2, we are given Delta H= 150.3 kJ/mol and Delta S=336 J/K*mol.

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