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show me how to do this math problem y=10-4x

How can I solve this math problem y=10-4x ?


Veronica,  I think there might be something missing from your question.  Are you supposed to solve or Y, for X, or both?  Was there another equation given in the problem?  Can you check the requirements and repost with any additional information?  That will help a tutor be able to show you how to solve the equation.  
 You can't solve for a definite value of X or Y without more information.

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I think wants to graph the  Function  Y = -4X +10
   You know this is a linear function of  Y = mx +b
        m slope is - 4 , and b Y-intercept is +10
         Locate ( 0,10) on the vertical axis
        Since slope is - 4( negative).
                  From y intercept( 0,10) come 4 units down and 1 unit to the right.
              You reach point ( 1, 6)
               Connect ( 0,10) to ( 1,6) and extend that is your line.
                      X intercept will be ( 5/2, 0)