Jazmine B.

asked • 04/04/16

Construct a truth table for the statement.

∼(∼p Λ ∼ q)

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Alan G. answered • 04/04/16

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Jazmine B.

what was the process of making the chart. I get so confused trying to make them I end of doing them incorrect? Thanks


Alan G.

Each variable can be T or F (true or false). Since there are two variables with two truth values each, there are four possible combinations of truth values for both. I used all four combinations of T and F to make the first two rows of the table. Using the meaning of negation and "and", you construct the table one step at a time. First, p and q, then ~p and ~q, then ~p^~q, then its negation. By making the table one step at a time, you avoid any errors in calculating the truth values.
You may notice that the last row of the table yields the same truth values as p or q.
Let me know if you need further help or explanation on this.


Jazmine B.

No you have explained it well. Thank you .


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