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-1/9t>or equal to 7

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1 Answer

Hi Laura;
I think you do not understand the difference between...
> and <
When I was in sixth grade, the way we remembered this is, the alligator is going to eat the bigger one.
≤ ≥
The alligator works the same way, except it may also eat something equal to that on the other side of the sign.  It is fussy, but not that fussy.
I assume this is...
Let's multiply both sides by -9
Because we are multiplying by a negative number on both sides, the sign must switch--in response to negativity, the alligator is changing direction.
And because a negative number multiplied by another negative number renders a positive result...
And because a positive number multiplied by a negative number renders a negative result...
Another number greater than or equal to -63 resolves this and satisfies the alligator.
Unless I misunderstood you and the equation is...
Let's multiply both sides by t...
Let's multiply both sides by 1/7...