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algebra help!

how would you solve this problem??? √75x^2y^-4???
I got 5xy^2√3
can some tell me if I was right ? and if I was wrong what did I do wrong?????

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3 Answers

The square root of 75 is 5 root 3 -- you got that right.  The square root of x2 is x -- you got that right.  The square root of y-4 is y-2 -- that's your error.

I suggest that any time you see a variable with a negative exponent you rewrite it so it has a positive one. in this case, you would get squareroot(75x^2/y^4) then you can use radical properties to split it up into two pieces, squareroot(75x^2) over squareroot(y^4) and deal with each half of the fraction accordingly.

James' way is also correct. Sarah missed the negative sign.

Your answer is correct Kevin!