Jack N.

asked • 02/19/16

Hi. Please help me with the following mathematical problems.

1) Show that the 3 lines with equations 2x+3y=0, x-8y=19 and 9x+5y=17 are concurrent. 
2) Find the coordinates of the Point of Intersection of each of the following pairs of lines:
a) 4x-3y=13 and 2y-6x=-7
b) y=3x/4 -9 and x+5y+7=0
c) y=-5 and x= 7
3) A triangle is bounded by the lines with equations x=3, y=6 and y=-3x:
a) Find the coordinates of its vertices
b) Calculate its area in square units
4) For what value of p will the lines 2x+3y=23 and 7x+py=8 not intersect?
Thanks so much for your help!

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Michael J. answered • 02/20/16

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Jack N.

Thanks so much for your help Michael!
If you get a chance, i'd love some help for 1 more question.
1) A family of parallel lines has the equation 3x-2y=k where k is a real number.

a) What is the gradient of each member of this family of lines?
b) Show that all lines in the family contains the point (k,k).
c) Which member of the family contains the point (-3,-8)?
d) Which member of the family has the y-intercept of 2?
e) Sketch the lines found in part 'c' and part 'd' on the same set of axes (if possible).
f) Describe the closed region between these two lines using inequations (if possible).
Thanks again!


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