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i really need help with my math homework because i have a 26 f in my math class right now. if you could please help me answer my math problems then that would be absolutely amazing!! all i need to know is this: a 19 inch piece of steel is cut into three pieces so that the second piece is twice as long as the first piece and the third piece is one inch more than three times the length of the first piece. find the lengths of the pieces. please please help me solve this question i am terrible at solving this type of problem.

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Hi Emily;
Please ask more questions than this.  We need to pull-up that 26f.  One question is not enough.  I have the rest of the day off.  My fellow Wyzants probably do too because it is Veterans Day--an ideal opportunity for you!
19 inches, 3 pieces
1st piece...x
2nd piece...2x
3rd piece...3x+1
Let's combine like terms...
Let's subtract 1 from both sides as we proceed to isolate x...
Let's divide both sides by 6...
1st piece...3 inches
2nd piece...2(3 inches)=6 inches
3rd piece...[3(3 inches)]+1=10 inches