Barb P.

asked • 11/13/12

if i have 436 x 67 how do I get the product by subtracting?

My daughter has this problem:


Laura found 67 x 436 by multiplying and subtracting. Show how Laura found the product. I showed my daughter the multiplication method and then used division for the subtraction. Was this right?

Barb P.

thank all of you soooo much! this should make things easier for me when we have to study for a math test!! i was just completely stumped by this fourth grade problem! need to boost my math skills I guess. I still have 8 more years of problems getting difficult for her, not to mention 2 younger brothers that will be going through the same thing, lol! THANKS AGAIN!!!!



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Kathye P. answered • 11/13/12

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